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Why Being GOOD is BAD for Us.

Why Being GOOD is BAD for Us.


Why Being GOOD is Bad for Us, will revolutionise the way you think about being a good person.


By understanding the science behind why being good is bad for your health, you will gain the knowledge to break out of the erroneous programs of people pleasing, perfectionism, and putting others first. Glasgow provides a thoughtful insight into psychology, neuroscience, gastroenterology, and even guide-dog strategies to help you understand why anger is healthy, fear and rejection can be confident, and vulnerability is our human superpower.


Benefits from reading this book include:


• Learning how to stop being good and live an emotionally-healthy, authentic life

• Reclaiming your power, freedom and emotional wellbeing

• Transforming fear and rejection into confidence


This book includes:


• Understanding the science behind our conscious and unconscious behaviours

• Identifying the erroneous programs such as the GOOD girl or NICE guy syndromes

• Establishing personal and professional boundaries

• Knowing how to say NO


Discover how to live an emotionally-healthy life and reclaim your power, freedom and emotional wellbeing.  Buy now before the price changes!

Physical paperback book, approx 200 pages.  Price shown is HK$. Equivalent to approx £11.99 / USD 14.70 

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